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Messier 87

Messier 87 The giant elliptical galaxy Messier 87 (M87, NGC 4486), also called Virgo A, is one of the most remarkable objects in the sky. It is perhaps the dominant galaxy in the closest big cluster to us, the famous ...

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Local Supercluster

Local supercluster. Each white dot is a galaxy; red regions have lots of galaxies, dark blue regions are voids with few. The white lines represent flow streams, along which galaxies are moving toward the center of mass of Laniakea. The ...

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The Virgo cluster

The Virgo cluster The Virgo cluster is a massive cluster of galaxies which dominates the Virgo supercluster. There are roughly 2000 galaxies in this cluster (although ninety percent of them are dwarf galaxies). This cluster has a diameter of approximately ...

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NGC 4526 Galaxy

NGC 4526 is a lenticular galaxy in the Virgo constellation that is seen nearly edge-on. The morphological classification is SAB(s)0°, which indicates a lenticular structure with a weak bar across the center and pure spiral arms without a ring. It ...

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Future of the Universe

Once galaxies were through their birth pangs they continued to evolve and grow. They even grew old and some began to die. Eventually all will die, and the universe may become a dark, empty void. Or, it may begin again ...

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The Spiral Galaxy : NGC 4274

NGC 4274 is an odd barred spiral in Coma Berenices about 50 to 60 million light-years distant by redshift. Other measurements put it much closer or further but also average about 55 million light-years. If correct it is likely a ...

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