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A Common Treatment for Addiction and PTSD

Francescoch/iStock / Getty Images Plus A Common Treatment for Addiction and PTSD by Pascale Gisquet-Verrier and Claire Le Dorze The factor that unites both of these pathologies: memory. The recently demonstrated ability to modify reactivated memories paves the way for ...

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Лечение отложения солей в суставах – Treatment of salt deposits in the joints – Лечение на натрупванията на соли в ставите

Лечение отложения солей в суставах/Russian/ Итак, предлагаем вам рецепты и способы очистки суставов: 1. Картофельный отвар. Свежий картофель (1 килограмм) нужно хорошо промыть под теплой водой. Не очищая от кожуры, нарезать небольшими кусочками. Засыпать измельченный картофель в посуду для варки ...

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Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer Kidney cancer is cancer that originates in the kidneys. Your kidneys are two bean-shaped organs, each about the size of your fist. They’re located behind your abdominal organs, with one kidney on each side of your spine. In ...

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Astigmatism Astigmatism (uh-STIG-muh-tiz-um) is a common, mild and generally easily treatable imperfection in the curvature of your eye. The condition can cause blurred vision. Astigmatism occurs when the front surface of your eye (cornea) or the lens, inside your eye, ...

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Treating a heart attack

Heart attack , Treatment Treating a heart attack There are two main treatment options for people with the most serious form of heart attack; an ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI):a combination of medication to dissolve the blood clot and ...

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