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Plant Growth: How Stem Cells Make Stems

A shoot apical meristem of an Arabidopsis thaliana plant, surrounded by early stages of developing flowers that have arisen from the meristem. The photograph is taken using a laser scanning confocal microscope. Credit: Nathanaël Prunet/Caltech Plant Growth: How Stem Cells ...

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A blueprint for regeneration

Three-eye planarians created by removing one of the flatworm’s eyes during regeneration of its head. Image: Kutay Deniz Atabay/Whitehead Institute   A blueprint for regeneration Whitehead Institute researchers uncover framework for how stem cells determine where to form replacement structures. ...

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Crowding in the skin

Skin cells growing in a petri dish (green: cytoskeleton, red: cell-cell junction protein). MPI f. Biology of Ageing   Crowding in the skin Stem cells sense neighbourhood density to make decisions on their behaviour Human skin is a remarkable organ ...

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Bare Bones: Making Bones Transparent

A mouse tibia that has been rendered transparent with Bone CLARITY. Stem cells appear distributed throughout the bone in red. The ability to see bone stem cell behavior is crucial for testing new osteoporosis treatments. Credit: Science Translational Medicine, Greenbaum, ...

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What Makes a Neuron a Neuron

Image shows neurons from the cingulate cortex of mouse brain. CREDIT: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS. Click for a full size image What Makes a Neuron a Neuron? By Iqbal Pittalwala UC Riverside-led research finds clues in RNA-binding proteins in brain cells It ...

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