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Spiders Have More Diverse Diet Than Previously Thought

Contrary to popular belief, spiders like to snack on leaves and saps too. An international team of zoologists documented plant-eating spiders around the world except in Antarctica where no vegetarian activity was observed. Photo : Ronny Overhate | Pixabay Click …

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pelican spiders

Spiders, thank goodness, haven’t evolved assassin drones. But the specialized hunters of the family Archaeidae can kill at a distance. It’s a distance of only a few millimeters. But that’s substantial for these teensy dramas, and enough space to let …

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Incredible Living Fossils: Horseshoe Crabs

Also known as the King Crab, the Horseshoe Crab is not actually a crab at all, as it’s much more closely related to spiders and mites.  Horseshoe Crab-type creatures started showing up around 400 million years ago and around 170 …

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How Do Animals Walk on Water

 More than 1,200 animal species have evolved the ability to walk on water. Tiny creatures such as insects and spiders can do it, and larger ones such as some reptiles, birds and even mammals have also developed this talent. Though …

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