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Young Homo naledi surprises

Click for a full size image   Young Homo naledi surprises 250 000 year old species from Rising Star Cave raises more questions about our origins. The Rising Star Cave system in South Africa has revealed yet more important discoveries, ...

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Skeleton Dated To 3.67 Million Years Old

Skeleton Dated To 3.67 Million Years Old by Justine Alford Photo credit: University of the Witwatersrand Little Foot is a big deal. Not only is this rare and wonderfully preserved skeleton the most complete australopithecine — a putative evolutionary ancestor ...

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نلسون ماندلا , Nelson Mandela

در تاریخ 12 جون ( ژوئن ) سال 1964 نلسون ماندلا و دیگر اعضای کنگره ملی افریقا به اتهام خرابکاری برعلیه دولت  محکوم به حبس ابد شدند , در حالی که وکیل ماندلا گفت : متهم , نماینده مردم خود ...

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