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Weird Web-Tower Things in Amazon

TAMBOPATA, Peru — After six months of speculation, we finally know what’s building these bizarre silk structures in the Amazon: a spider! But its precise identity is still a mystery that scientists are scrambling to solve as I write this. ...

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What causes brain cancer

  What causes brain cancer? Primary brain tumors arise from many types of brain tissue (for example, glial cells, astrocytes, and other brain cell types). Metastatic brain cancer is caused by the spread of cancer cells from a body organ ...

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Earth – زمین

A day’s clouds. The shape and texture of the land. The living ocean. City lights as a beacon of human presence across the globe. This amazingly beautiful view of Earth from space is a fusion of science and art, a ...

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Jellyfish serve as a habitat to many ocean creatures…Jellyfish play a critical role in the lives of different marine creatures. While they are used as a direct food source for many, some use them as shelter (juvenile fish), some as ...

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The Mysteries of Saturn

The quest for knowledge is just that: a quest. Sometimes this quest will take us to amazing and fantastical places—to the mountains of Mars, the insides of an atom, or a massive planet orbiting a distant star. Other times, this ...

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Secrets between M81 and M 82

 Discovered in December, 1774 by JE Bode at Berlin, these two deep sky favourites hold secrets between themselves. Photographed as early as March, 1899, this pair is central to a group of galaxies encompassing the northern circumpolar constellations of Ursa ...

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