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Building Blocks to Create Metamaterials

An illustration of a metamaterial designed by Daraio’s team. Though each individual square is identical, their layout and the metamaterial’s overall design cause waves to propagate in a specific pattern through the material, as indicated by the squares’ different colors. ...

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A Quasiparticle Quest

Capacitance measurement of bilayer graphene at a high magnetic field. The vertical dark blue to orange lines are signatures of fractional quantum Hall states that are shared between the two layers of the bilayer graphene sheet. The vertical line going ...

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The dance of the particles

Artwork by Ana Kova   The dance of the particles By Ali Sundermier In collaboration with a scientist, an Iranian dancer is working to communicate the beauty of particle physics through dance. Although CERN physicist Andrea Latina had always been ...

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Quantum counterfeiters might succeed

QUANTUM CASH Physicists have created quantum money by encoding data with light. The researchers transmitted a quantum version (right) of a real bill, an old Austrian banknote (left). Each grayscale shade in the quantum bill corresponds to a different photon ...

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Improving Computer Graphics with Quantum Mechanics

The Schrödinger equation, the basic description of quantum mechanical behavior, can be used to describe the motion of superfluids—fluids, supercooled to temperatures near absolute zero, that behave as though they are without viscosity. Schröder and his colleagues realized that the ...

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