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Why Aren’t There More Lions

PHOTO : Amaury Laporte Click for a full size image Why Aren’t There More Lions? Discovery of what appears to be a new law of nature: more crowding leads to fewer offspring Why aren’t there more lions? That was what ...

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Why Do Cats Bring Home Dead Animals

Why Do Cats Bring Home Dead Animals? by Justine Alford Photo credit: Janinski, via Wikimedia Commons. Cats are pretty awesome animals. Of course, they have a few irritating habits as most pets do, such as clawing at your favorite leather ...

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Hunting Orca

While learned behaviour of  Orcas might be fun and spectacular at an aquarium, it is even more impressive in the wild. Here is a clip from the ‘Frozen Planet’ documentary showing just one example of the ingenuity and team-work shown ...

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The “Alien” of the seas

The “Alien” of the seas.. Most carnivorous fish engulf prey into their mouths by opening them quickly from a closed position and thereby creating a sucking effect. But morays’ mouths are already open most of the time. Further, their visible ...

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