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A poem by Walt Whitman: A Promise To California

  A Promise To California A PROMISE to California, Also to the great Pastoral Plains, and for Oregon: Sojourning east a while longer, soon I travel toward you, to remain, to teach robust American love; For I know very well …

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A Poem by William Carlos Williams: First Praise

First Praise Lady of dusk-wood fastnesses, Thou art my Lady. I have known the crisp, splintering leaf-tread with thee on before, White, slender through green saplings; I have lain by thee on the brown forest floor Beside thee, my Lady. …

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A poem by William Wordsworth: Forsaken, The

Forsaken, The The peace which other seek they find; The heaviest storms not longet last; Heaven grants even to the guiltiest mind An amnesty for what is past; When will my sentence be reversed? I only pray to know the …

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ঘোড়ার ডিম by Abdul Wahab

ঘোড়ার ডিম   মহা পণ্ডিত লিখতে এসেছে কবিতা ক- দিয়ে কতকগুলি অপরিচিত কঠিন শব্দ বি- দিয়ে বিছিয়ে দেয় সেগুলি পাতার উপর তারপর বসে পড়ে মুরগীর মতন আর দিতে থাকে একনাগাড়ে তা যা বেড়িয়ে আসে তাতো মুরগীর ছানা নয় আস্ত এক …

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A Poem by Anne Bronte: The Penitent

  The Penitent I mourn with thee and yet rejoice That thou shouldst sorrow so; With Angel choirs I join my voice To bless the sinner’s woe. Though friends and kindred turn away And laugh thy grief to scorn, I …

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A Poem by Billy Collins: On Turning Ten

  On Turning Ten The whole idea of it makes me feel like I’m coming down with something, something worse than any stomach ache or the headaches I get from reading in bad light– a kind of measles of the …

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