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The fluid that feeds tumor cells

Pancreatic cancer cells (nuclei in blue) growing as a sphere encased in membranes (red). By growing cancer cells in the lab, researchers can study factors that promote and prevent the formation of deadly tumors. Image: Min Yu (Eli and Edythe ...

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Diabetes Raises Liver Cancer Risk

People with type 2 diabetes might be at somewhat higher risk of developing liver cancer, according to a large, long-term study. The research suggests that those with type 2 diabetes have about two to three times greater risk of developing ...

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15 cancer symptoms women ignore

Women tend to be more vigilant than men about getting recommended health checkups and cancer screenings, according to studies and experts. They’re generally more willing, as well, to get potentially worrisome symptoms checked out, says Mary Daly, MD, oncologist and head of ...

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