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A poem by Pablo Neruda: Sonata

  Sonata Neither the heart cut by a piece of glass in a wasteland of thorns nor the atrocious waters seen in the corners of certain houses, waters like eyelids and eyes can capture your waist in my hands when ...

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A poem by Pablo Neruda: Some Beasts

  Some Beasts It was the twilight of the iguana: From a rainbowing battlement, a tongue like a javelin lunging in verdure; an ant heap treading the jungle, monastic, on musical feet; the guanaco, oxygen-fine in the high places swarthed ...

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A poem by Pablo Neruda: Puedo Escribir

  Puedo Escribir   Puedo escribir los versos más tristes esta noche. Escribir, por ejemplo: ‘La noche está estrellada, y tiritan, azules, los astros, a lo lejos.’ El viento de la noche gira en el cielo y canta. Puedo escribir ...

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A poem by Pablo Neruda: Poesia

Poesia Y fue a esa edad… Llegó la poesía a buscarme. No sé, no sé de dónde salió, de invierno o río. No sé cómo ni cuándo, no, no eran voces, no eran palabras, ni silencio, pero desde una calle ...

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A poem by Pablo Neruda : Ode To Wine

Ode To Wine Day-colored wine, night-colored wine, wine with purple feet or wine with topaz blood, wine, starry child of earth, wine, smooth as a golden sword, soft as lascivious velvet, wine, spiral-seashelled and full of wonder, amorous, marine; never ...

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A poem by Pablo Neruda : Ode to Tomatoes

Ode to Tomatoes The street filled with tomatoes midday, summer, light is halved like a tomato, its juice runs through the streets. In December, unabated, the tomato invades the kitchen, it enters at lunchtime, takes its ease on countertops, among ...

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