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Improved diabetes in spite of obesity

Left: A high-fat diet can lead to the storage of fats in the liver (red). This can trigger the development of fatty-liver disease and diabetes. Right: When Ceramide Synthase 6 is inactivated, mice are protected from the excessive storage of ...

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NFIA identified as promising target for treating obesity

Illustration depicting concepts of current research NFIA, a newly identified regulator of the brown fat gene program, binds to DNA beforehand and facilitates the binding of PPARγ, a master transcriptional regulator of adipogenesis—differentiation of fat cells—leading to synergistic activation of ...

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Compassion key to treating eating disorders

  Compassion key to treating eating disorders Self-compassion is an important part of recovery for people with eating disorders, University of Queensland researchers have found. The School of Psychology study reviewed the use of compassion focussed therapy (CFT) in the ...

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Obesity – Can we stop the epidemic?

  Obesity Can we stop the epidemic? Have you ever looked at old photos from 1970s protest marches? Feminists demanding the Equal Rights Amendment, environmentalists calling for clean air and water, gay liberation, the Black Panthers, the Chicano movement, on ...

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EETs contribute to insulin sensitivity

  EETs contribute to insulin sensitivity by Leigh MacMillan Obesity, hypertension and type 2 diabetes are associated with insulin resistance and vascular dysfunction, but causal factors for these associations remain unclear. Ambra Pozzi, Ph.D., James Luther, M.D., MSCI, and colleagues ...

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Is sugar addictive?

Sugar activates the same brain system as drugs such as nicotine and cocaine, meaning consuming it is a behaviour we want to repeat. Image: shutterstock Click for a full size image   Is sugar addictive? Some of us can definitely ...

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