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Reading our brain chemistry

Guillaume Petit-Pierre – Perfusion microdroplet allowing the extraction of interstitial liquid using the system developed by EPFL researchers.   Reading our brain chemistry Researchers at EPFL have developed a new device and analysis method that let doctors measure the neurochemicals ...

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Cellular power outage

Quality control for defective proteins: Failure of ribosome-associated quality control (RQC) for the clearance of ribosome-blocked proteins destined for the mitochondria leads to accumulation of toxic aggregates and mitochondrial toxicity. MPI f. Biochemistry/ M. Krause   Cellular power outage Scientists ...

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Why Do we Age

Cancer cell undergoing apoptosis. This programmed cell death mechanism is one of the causes of ageing. S. GSCHMEISSNER / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY / COSMOS Click for a full size image Why Do we Age? by Vincent Géli and Eric Gilson ...

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QBI breakthrough for rare epilepsy

QBI breakthrough for rare epilepsy QBI research has identified the specific cause of a rare form of epilepsy in babies. University of Queensland researchers have identified the specific cause of a rare form of epilepsy in babies. Scientists from Queensland ...

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Preventing Protein Unfolding

Keten’s work is featured on the cover of February’s ACS Nano. Preventing Protein Unfolding Polymers can reinforce proteins under mechanical stress When the body loses its ability to fold proteins into the correct shapes, the result can be irreversible and ...

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