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Discovery of a Primordial Metabolism in Microbes

Electron microscopy image of a pyrite forming culture enriched from a wastewater treatment plant. Microbial cells are highlighted in red and pyrite crystals in yellow. The interdependency of pyrite (FeS2) and methane (CH4) formation is illustrated schematically. Discovery of a ...

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Technique identifies electricity-producing bacteria

A microfluidic technique quickly sorts bacteria based on their capability to generate electricity. Image: Qianru Wang Technique identifies electricity-producing bacteria Microbes screened with a new microfluidic process might be used in power generation or environmental cleanup. Jennifer Chu Living in ...

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Plants Really Do Feed Their Friends

Rhizosphere soil for microbial isolations was collected from the Little Buck watershed at the University of California Hopland Research and Extension Center in an area in which Avena barbata are the dominant vegetation. (Credit: Heejung Cho)   Plants Really Do ...

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Microbes on the Move

WEERASAK/FOTOLIA   Microbes on the Move by Fui Lee Luk An international research group has shown that today’s human activities are radically reshaping the way microbes circulate, with potential repercussions for the world’s ecosystems and inhabitants. Over the last century, ...

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A little dirt won’t hurt

A little dirt won’t hurt Duke researchers find our immune systems could benefit from a few more germs. Writer: Karl Leif Bates Images: Donn Young; ads courtesy J.W. Thompson Archives at Duke University This might be hard to hear, but ...

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Gut bacteria from a worm can degrade plastic

Gut bacteria from a worm can degrade plastic Plastic is well-known for sticking around in the environment for years without breaking down, contributing significantly to litter and landfills. But scientists have now discovered that bacteria from the guts of a ...

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