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Cytokine linked to blindness

Click for a full size image   Cytokine linked to blindness by Meredith Jackson In glaucoma, increased fluid in the eye increases intraocular pressure and damages the optic nerve, resulting in blindness. Franklin Echevarria, Cathryn Formichella and Rebecca Sappington, Ph.D., ...

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Black Silicon Prevents Eye Implant from Gumming Up

Artist’s depiction of an ocular implant. Credit: Lee, Jeong Oen, Vinayak Narasimhan, Juan Du, David W. Sretavan, and Hyuck Choo: “Black-Silicon as a Biocompatible Anti-Reflection Coating for Medical Implants: First Demonstrated Use in In vivo Optical Intraocular Pressure Sensing.” Advanced ...

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