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Crops vs. caterpillars

Penn State graduate student Loren Rivera-Vega removes the salivary glands from a cabbage looper caterpillar. She studies how proteins in caterpillar spit combat a plant’s chemical defenses. Image: ©Brittany Dodson Click for a full size image Crops vs. caterpillars Insect ...

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Bugs with faces

See the faces in the insects? This is called pareidolia: the psychological phenomenon in which, with visual/sound stimulus, most humans are able to “see” or simply create a sense for something abstract that fits the patterns created by the brain.” ...

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How Do Animals Walk on Water

 More than 1,200 animal species have evolved the ability to walk on water. Tiny creatures such as insects and spiders can do it, and larger ones such as some reptiles, birds and even mammals have also developed this talent. Though ...

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The case of the headless ant

Flies find and decapitate fire ants by tracking their venom Halloween is right around the corner, which means scary movies are playing at the theater and trick-or-treaters are shopping for costumes. This year, there’s no need to go looking for ...

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The secret life of fruit flies

 Scientists find that the most attractive scent for a fruit fly is no scent at all Fruit flies linger over a bowl of rotting fruit. To untrained eyes, the flies may look like a swarming nuisance, but scientists have found ...

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