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How the Brain Learns New Skills

How the Brain Learns New Skills The human brain is “plastic”: it can adapt and rewire itself, often more easily when learning new things related to familiar skills. For example, it is probably easier for a professional tennis player to ...

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Alzheimer’s-Immunity Link

High-resolution confocal image from the hippocampal CA3 region of Alzheimer’s mouse model brain show amyloid-beta plaques (green) and microglia/macrophages (red). Mice with complement C3 deficiency show an altered glial response to plaques. Image: Lemere Lab, Brigham and Women’s   Alzheimer’s-Immunity ...

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Decoding Brain Evolution

Image: monsitj/Getty Images   Decoding Brain Evolution New center asks: What genetic changes gave us the human brain? By Nancy Fliesler How did our distinctive brains evolve? What genetic changes, coupled with natural selection, gave us language? What allowed modern ...

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Our uniquely lopsided brain

Source: Massachusetts General Hospital and Draper Labs). Wikimedia Commons. Click for a full size image   Our uniquely lopsided brain Darren Curnoe The human brain is unique in many ways including the amount of asymmetry that exists between its left ...

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Lack Of Sleep and Human Brain

Lack Of Sleep and Human Brain By Dominic Kelly A startling new study reveals that less sleep can, over time, cause the brain to shrink and ultimately speed up its aging process. Researchers at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore studied ...

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