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Action must be taken now

  Action must be taken now By Lotte Krull The world’s countries must do more to limit global warming. The UN’s Emissions Gap Report 2017 calls for higher ambitions for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. If global warming by the ...

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Close monitoring of climate changes

  Close monitoring of climate changes By Anne Kirsten Frederiksen Reliable and standardized data are necessary in the work to meet the challenges presented by global warming. A new European network of more than 100 measurement stations monitor the development ...

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Responding to climate change

  Responding to climate change By Martha McKenzie Emory Public Health Climate change. Partisan politicians debate its reality, and many citizens see it as a faraway threat, something that endangers the future of polar bears but not them personally. The ...

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A new way to harness wasted methane

MIT chemistry professor Yogesh Surendranath and three colleagues have found a way to use electricity, which could potentially come from renewable sources, to convert methane into derivatives of methanol. The researchers developed a low-temperature electrochemical process that would continuously replenish ...

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Heavier rain to come

“The observations are telling us there will be increases [in extreme rainfall] at almost all latitudes, but if you want to know what’s going to happen at the scale of a continent or smaller, it’s a much more difficult question,” ...

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The effect of global warming on marine diversity

A hermit crab emerges from its shell The effect of global warming on marine diversity Warming temperatures can reduce marine diversity but increase freshwater species – showing responses to climate change could be habitat dependent. Historically, the speciation rate of ...

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