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Observing Fear in Others May Change Brain

Negative emotional experience leaves a trace in the brain, which makes us more vulnerable, said Alexei Morozov, an assistant professor at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute. Credit: David Hungate/Virginia Tech Click for a full size image   Observing Fear …

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Psychological intervention tackles fear of melanoma

More than 13,000 people are expected to be diagnosed with melanoma this year in Australia. Over 70% of melanoma survivors live with high anxiety that their melanoma will return and need specialised support. Photo: Shutterstock. Click for a full size …

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How Repressed Emotions Affect Our Physical Health

How Repressed Emotions Affect Our Physical Health By Saso Denkovik Toxins are, among other things, created by emotional factors. Suppressed anger, for example, can totally change the flora of the gallbladder, the bile duct, and the small intestine, and can …

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Phobos’ South Pole from Mars Express

Phobos is the larger and closer of the two natural satellites of Mars. With a mean radius of 11.27 km,it is 1.79787 times more massive than Mars’ second moon, Deimos. It is named after the Greek god Phobos (which means …

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