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Cooking up Alien Atmospheres on Earth

This artist’s concept shows planet KELT-9b, an example of a “hot Jupiter,” or a gas giant planet orbiting very close to its parent star. KELT-9b is an extreme example of a hot Jupiter, with dayside temperatures reaching 7,800 degrees Fahrenheit ...

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Three NASA Missions Return 1st-Light Data

Credits: NASA/MIT/TESS   Three NASA Missions Return 1st-Light Data NASA’s continued quest to explore our solar system and beyond received a boost of new information this week with three key missions proving not only that they are up and running, ...

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JPL Deploys a CubeSat for Astronomy

A JPL CubeSat named ASTERIA was deployed from the International Space Station on November 21. It will test the use of CubeSats for astronomy research. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech   JPL Deploys a CubeSat for Astronomy Tiny satellites called CubeSats have ...

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Jupiter’s Extended Family? A Billion or More

Comparing Jupiter with Jupiter-like planets that orbit other stars can teach us about those distant worlds, and reveal new insights about our own solar system’s formation and evolution. (Illustration) Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Click for a full size image Jupiter’s Extended Family? ...

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What Happens When You Steam a Planet

Interesting things might happen on a hot, rocky exoplanet if a magma ocean is in equilibrium with a steam atmosphere, especially if part of the atmosphere escapes, taking with it volatilized rocky elements. NASA Click for a full size image ...

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