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Recreating Our Galaxy in a Supercomputer

Simulated view of our Milky Way galaxy, seen from a nearly face-on angle. This image was created by simulating the formation of our galaxy using a supercomputer, which, in this case, consisted of 2,000 computers linked together.. Credit: Hopkins Research ...

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Hubble spies Big Bang frontiers

This image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the galaxy cluster MACS J0416.1–2403. This is one of six being studied by the Hubble Frontier Fields programme, which together have produced the deepest images of gravitational lensing ever made. Due ...

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Astronomers Solve 20-Year Dark Matter Mystery

Astronomers Solve 20-Year Dark Matter Mystery A newly published study details how astronomers used both data from telescopes and newly developed computer modeling to solve a 20-year debate over how dark matter is distributed in small galaxies. Austin — Astronomers ...

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IC1101 – Galaxy

Galaxies. The Universe is littered with them. They have speckled the vast darkness of intergalactic space for 13-billion years with their numerous stars and planets. Galaxies are grouped within three size variations: dwarf galaxies, mid-range spiral galaxies, and gigantic elliptical ...

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UGC 10214, Tadpole Galaxy

Against a stunning backdrop of thousands of galaxies, this odd-looking galaxy with the long streamer of stars appears to be racing through space, like a runaway pinwheel firework. This picture of the galaxy UGC 10214 was taken by the Advanced ...

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Hot Gas Sloshing in a Galactic Cauldron

 Galaxies are social beasts that are mostly found in groups or clusters – large assemblies of galaxies that are permeated by even larger amounts of diffuse gas. With temperatures of 10 million degrees or more, the gas in galaxy groups ...

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