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Beyond finding a gene

Beyond finding a gene Same repeated stretch of DNA identified in three neurodegenerative diseases Families living with extremely rare neurodegenerative diseases finally received an answer to the cause of their illnesses, thanks to a researcher’s hunch and decades of improvements ...

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It’s DNA, but not as we know it

Garvan researchers used fluorescence techniques to pinpoint where tangled DNA structures called i-motifs were located in the nuclei of human cells, visible as green dots. Credit: Chris Hammang   It’s DNA, but not as we know it Garvan Media In ...

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A new, dynamic view of chromatin movements

An illustration of chromatin (on the left) opening up to individual nucleosomes (right). Credit: Beat Fierz/EPFL   A new, dynamic view of chromatin movements In cells, proteins tightly package the long thread of DNA into pearl necklace-like complexes known as ...

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Why Do we Age

Cancer cell undergoing apoptosis. This programmed cell death mechanism is one of the causes of ageing. S. GSCHMEISSNER / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY / COSMOS Click for a full size image Why Do we Age? by Vincent Géli and Eric Gilson ...

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Recording analog memories in human cells

MIT biological engineers have devised a memory storage system illustrated here as a DNA-embedded meter that is recording the activity of a signaling pathway in a human cell. Courtesy of the researchers Click for a full size image Recording analog ...

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Are genetic outcomes inevitable

Are genetic outcomes inevitable? UBC professor Steven Heine discusses beliefs about DNA’s role in charting our futures Does DNA determine our destiny? That question, and others, made for a lively lecture on Thursday, April 14, by Steven Heine, a visiting ...

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