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New Spectre Cyberthreat Evades Patches

Spectre attacks take advantage of speculative execution, a process that helps all modern microprocessors complete operations faster.   New Spectre Cyberthreat Evades Patches New speculative execution attack launches from a computer’s return stack buffer, not the branch predictor, so available ...

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Science & Technology trends in 2018

  Science & Technology trends in 2018 Captain Tilmann Gabriel, Dr David Haynes and Dr Tarek Besold from City’s School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering consider the influential technologies and issues likely to emerge in 2018. by City Press ...

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Two sciences tie the knot

David Autor (left), a professor economics, and Asu Ozdaglar, a professor of electrical engineering, discuss 6-14: Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science. The new major is designed to train students to become the unseen game-makers behind virtual markets. Photo: Lillie ...

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New Record in Microwave Detection

This is an artistic image of a hybrid superconductor-metal microwave detector. Ella Maru Sudio. Click for a full size image New Record in Microwave Detection Aalto University scientists have broken the world record by fourteen fold in the energy resolution ...

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3D Simulations Illuminate Supernova Explosions

Researchers from Michigan State University are using Mira to perform 3D simulations of the final moments of a core-collapse supernova’s life cycle. This visualization is a volume rendering of a massive star’s radial velocity. In comparison to previous 1D simulations, ...

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