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Plastic’s Carbon Footprint

Photo Credit: Creative Commons Plastic’s Carbon Footprint Researchers conduct first global assessment of the lifecycle of greenhouse gas emissions from plastics By Harrison Tasoff From campaigns against microplastics to news of the great Pacific garbage patch, public awareness is growing ...

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SOS for SA bee research

A carpenter bee (Xylocopa capitata) forages for nectar. Photo Annalie Melin. SOS for SA bee research Numerous threats to the environment, including climate change, disease and habitat destruction, have placed the global bee species under threat, making them especially vulnerable ...

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Polar vortex unleashes bitter cold

A large area of low pressure and arctic air swirling above the North Pole fractured and split into three pieces. Polar vortex unleashes bitter cold Winter is here. Millions of people across the United States are dealing with dangerously low ...

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Storage Wars

Storage Wars UC Santa Barbara researcher conducts first-ever global-scale evaluation of the role of soil minerals in carbon storage By Sonia Fernandez One answer to our greenhouse gas challenges may be right under our feet: Soil scientists Oliver Chadwick of ...

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Climate change likely to accelerate

Climate change likely to accelerate Natural climate buffers feeling effects of higher temperatures, UAntwerp biologists find. Ecosystems like forests sequester large amounts of carbon dioxide and therefore help to slow down global warming. These ecosystems are, however, increasingly becoming the ...

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Dams and the Damage They Do

Ted Scudder, professor emeritus of anthropology, in his office. Credit: Caltech   Dams and the Damage They Do A Q&A with Ted Scudder, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology Ted Scudder, a social anthropologist and fixture on the Caltech campus for more ...

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