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Microbes on the Move

WEERASAK/FOTOLIA   Microbes on the Move by Fui Lee Luk An international research group has shown that today’s human activities are radically reshaping the way microbes circulate, with potential repercussions for the world’s ecosystems and inhabitants. Over the last century, ...

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Small-Molecule Talk with Alison Ondrus

Alison Ondrus Credit: Caltech Click for a full size image   Small-Molecule Talk with Alison Ondrus New Caltech professor talks about the intersection between chemistry and biology New assistant professor of chemistry Alison Ondrus says she’s excited to apply the ...

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Researcher by chance

Click for a full size image   Researcher by chance Anne Ladegaard Skov, Associate Professor at DTU Chemical Engineering, has made a name for herself at a relatively young age as one of the world’s leading researchers into dielectric elastomers. ...

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Visualizing Gene Expression with MRI

An illustration of aquaporin’s effect on cells. Credit: M. Shapiro Laboratory/Caltech Click for a full size image   Visualizing Gene Expression with MRI Genes tell cells what to do—for example, when to repair DNA mistakes or when to die—and can ...

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Biologists Give Bacteria Thermostat Controls

Artwork depicts genetically engineered bacteria designed with “thermostat controls.” Thermally controlled bacteria such as these could ultimately help treat diseases of the gut, or cancer. Credit: Barth van Rossum for Caltech Click for a full size image Biologists Give Bacteria ...

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A Conscious Coupling of Magnetic and Electric Materials

Scientists engineered a new magnetic ferroelectric at the atomic-scale. A false-colored electron microscopy image shows alternating lutetium (yellow) and iron (blue) atomic planes. An extra plane of iron atoms was inserted every ten repeats, substantially changing the magnetic properties. (Credit: ...

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