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Unmasking mutant cancer cells

A cancer cell (blue, center) can elude attack by immune cells (such as these T cells shown in green and red) by sequestering the mutated proteins that would otherwise signal its identity as a “foreign” invader away from the cell’s ...

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Chemists build a better cancer-killing drill

Chemists at Rice University, Durham (U.K.) University and North Carolina State University have upgraded their technique to kill cancer cells with targeted molecular motors. The light-activated motors attach themselves to cells and, when hit by near-infrared light, spin up to ...

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The fluid that feeds tumor cells

Pancreatic cancer cells (nuclei in blue) growing as a sphere encased in membranes (red). By growing cancer cells in the lab, researchers can study factors that promote and prevent the formation of deadly tumors. Image: Min Yu (Eli and Edythe ...

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How tumors behave on acid

In these tumor cells, acidic regions are labeled in red. Invasive regions of the cells, which express a protein called MMP14, are labeled in green. Image: Nazanin Rohani How tumors behave on acid Acidic environment triggers genes that help cancer ...

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Tiny probe developed at USC detects cancer

USC Dornsife’s Fabien Pinaud and his colleagues are developing new technology to selectively identify living cancer cells. (Illustration/Matthew Pla Savino)   Tiny probe developed at USC detects cancer USC team’s work could lead to noninvasive detection and treatment of the ...

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