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Brainiacs Win Big

  Brainiacs Win Big UCSB Brain Initiative wins Hearst Foundation award to amplify interdisciplinary effort By Shelly Leachman One of life’s biggest mysteries is right inside our heads. It’s the brain, and its biggest secret — how the brain gives ...

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Shining Light Deep into the Brain

Researchers in the laboratory of Michael Roukes have created a new type of optical brain probe for studying and mapping animal brains in vivo. The ultrathin silicon-based probes are shown here next to a penny for scale. Credit: Roukes Lab/Caltech ...

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Bare Bones: Making Bones Transparent

A mouse tibia that has been rendered transparent with Bone CLARITY. Stem cells appear distributed throughout the bone in red. The ability to see bone stem cell behavior is crucial for testing new osteoporosis treatments. Credit: Science Translational Medicine, Greenbaum, ...

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Small but Mighty: Fruit Fly Muscles

The fruit fly flight simulator. Credit: Caltech Click for a full size image   Small but Mighty: Fruit Fly Muscles Fruit flies are capable of impressive aerial maneuvers, as is grudgingly acknowledged by anyone who has unsuccessfully tried to swat ...

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Observing Fear in Others May Change Brain

Negative emotional experience leaves a trace in the brain, which makes us more vulnerable, said Alexei Morozov, an assistant professor at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute. Credit: David Hungate/Virginia Tech Click for a full size image   Observing Fear ...

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Parkinson’s Disease Linked to Microbiome

Artist’s concept depicting microbes in the gut instigating changes in the brain that can lead to Parkinson’s disease. People with Parkinson’s harbor distinct gut bacteria that influence the disease’s severity. Credit: Caltech Click for a full size image Parkinson’s Disease ...

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