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Crowding in the skin

Skin cells growing in a petri dish (green: cytoskeleton, red: cell-cell junction protein). MPI f. Biology of Ageing   Crowding in the skin Stem cells sense neighbourhood density to make decisions on their behaviour Human skin is a remarkable organ ...

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Lift less, gain more

Reduced training stress may mean a greater number of training sessions can be performed in shorter periods   Lift less, gain more The belief that lifting heavy weights is necessary to build muscles is being challenged by University of Queensland ...

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what is delirium and is it dangerous?

People with delirium may hallucinate. Image: shutterstock Click for a full size image   what is delirium and is it dangerous? The woman suffered two strokes in succession. The first was minor and her condition improved quickly. The second came on ...

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Why Do we Age

Cancer cell undergoing apoptosis. This programmed cell death mechanism is one of the causes of ageing. S. GSCHMEISSNER / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY / COSMOS Click for a full size image Why Do we Age? by Vincent Géli and Eric Gilson ...

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Holding back the years

UNSW’s Labratory for Ageing Research. Left to right, Lindsay Wu, Myung-Jin Kang, Frank Stoddart, David Sinclair, Ashley Wong, Hassina Massudi. photo Britta Campion Click for a full size image Holding back the years LOUISE WILLIAMS Science has traditionally tried to ...

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Molecules that may keep you young — and alive

An extract of willow bark has shown to be one of the most potent longevity-extending pharmacological interventions yet described in scientific literature. photo : Concordia University Molecules that may keep you young — and alive A new Concordia research collaboration ...

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