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Why Aren’t There More Lions

PHOTO : Amaury Laporte Click for a full size image Why Aren’t There More Lions? Discovery of what appears to be a new law of nature: more crowding leads to fewer offspring Why aren’t there more lions? That was what ...

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The World’s Grumpiest Frog

The World’s Grumpiest Frog by Lindsey Robertson Photo credit: “Black Rain Frog” via Melbourneer.com This frog with a perpetual frown isn’t actually grumpy — that’s just how the Black Rain Frog looks! This grouchy-faced amphibian has the most intimidating mug ...

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Malaria Vaccine Trial Yields Promising Results

Malaria Vaccine Trial Yields Promising Results by Justine Alford Photo credit: AFPMB, “Anopheles gambiae,” via Flickr. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. This mosquito is the primary vector for malaria transmission in the majority of sub-Saharan Africa. Each year, it is estimated that ...

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