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A poem by Oscar Wilde: Silentium Amoris

Silentium Amoris AS oftentimes the too resplendent sun Hurries the pallid and reluctant moon Back to her sombre cave, ere she hath won A single ballad from the nightingale, So doth thy Beauty make my lips to fail, And all …

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A poem by Robert Browning: From ‘Pauline’

  From ‘Pauline’ O God, where does this tend—these struggling aims? What would I have? What is this ‘sleep’, which seems To bound all? can there be a ‘waking’ point Of crowning life? The soul would never rule— It would …

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A poem by Oscar Wilde: Serenade

Serenade THE western wind is blowing fair Across the dark Ægean sea, And at the secret marble stair My Tyrian galley waits for thee. Come down! the purple sail is spread, The watchman sleeps within the town, O leave thy …

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A poem by Oscar Wilde: Santa Decca

Santa Decca THE Gods are dead: no longer do we bring To grey-eyed Pallas crowns of olive-leaves! Demeter’s child no more hath tithe of sheaves, And in the noon the careless shepherds sing, For Pan is dead, and all the …

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A Poem by Rabindranath Tagore: Ungrateful Sorrow

  Ungrateful Sorrow At dawn shey eparted My mind tried to console me – ‘ Everything is Maya ‘. Angrily I replied: ‘Here’s this sewing box on the table, that flower-pot on the terrace, this monogrammed hand-fan on the bed— …

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A poem by Robert Browning: From ‘Paracelsus’

  From ‘Paracelsus’ I TRUTH is within ourselves; it takes no rise From outward things, whate’er you may believe. There is an inmost centre in us all, Where truth abides in fullness; and around, Wall upon wall, the gross flesh …

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