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A Poem by Anne Bronte: Stanzas

  Stanzas Oh, weep not, love! each tear that springs In those dear eyes of thine, To me a keener suffering brings, Than if they flowed from mine. And do not droop! however drear The fate awaiting thee; For my ...

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A poem by William Wordsworth: England iii

  England iii GREAT men have been among us; hands that penn’d And tongues that utter’d wisdom–better none: The later Sidney, Marvel, Harrington, Young Vane, and others who call’d Milton friend. These moralists could act and comprehend: They knew how ...

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A poem by Emma Lazarus: Epochs

  Epochs ‘The epochs of our life are not in the facts, but in the silent thought by the wayside as we walk.’-Emerson I. Youth. Sweet empty sky of June without a stain, Faint, gray-blue dewy mists on far-off hills, ...

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A Poem by Sappho: Anactoria

  Anactoria Yes, Atthis, you may be sure Even in Sardis Anactoria will think often of us of the life we shared here, when you seemed the Goddess incarnate to her and your singing pleased her best Now among Lydian ...

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A Poem by Anne Bronte: Song 2

Song 2 Come to the banquet ­­ triumph in your songs! Strike up the chords ­­ and sing of Victory! The oppressed have risen to redress their wrongs; The Tyrants are o’erthrown; the Land is free! The Land is free! ...

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কথা দিলাম by Abdul Wahab

  কথা দিলাম   কথা দিলাম কাউকে হত্যা করার কথা স্বপ্নেও বলবো না আর ঘৃণা করার কথা? ওটাকে মধু কাপড়ে বেঁধে পুটলি করে চালের বাতিতে রাখবো গুঁজে ভ্রাতৃত্ববোধ আর ভালোবাসা পরউপকার আর মঙ্গল কামনা করে তুলবো আমার জীবনের বাসনা হৃদয়ে ...

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