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শূন্য -শক্তি by Abdul Wahab

শূন্য -শক্তি   আমার পথ আমাকেই হাটতে হবে বলেছিলেন এক মহান গুনি তাই এদিক ওদিক না দেখে বড়ো উষ্ণতায় শুনি শুধু অন্ত্রর বানী নিজ গৃহে নিজ হস্তে তৈরি শূন্যতায় যে যাই বলুক তাকে তাই বলতে দাও আমার এ যাত্রা বড় ...

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A Poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson: Claribel

  Claribel Where Claribel low-lieth The breezes pause and die, Letting the rose-leaves fall: But the solemn oak-tree sigheth, Thick-leaved, ambrosial, With an ancient melody Of an inward agony, Where Claribel low-lieth. At eve the beetle boometh Athwart the thicket ...

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A Poem by Edith Wharton: The Sonnet

  The Sonnet PURE form, that like some chalice of old time Contain’st the liquid of the poet’s thought Within thy curving hollow, gem-enwrought With interwoven traceries of rhyme, While o’er thy brim the bubbling fancies climb, What thing am ...

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A poem by Ernest Dowson: Spleen

  Spleen <i>(For Arthur Symons)</i> I was not sorrowful, I could not weep, And all my memories were put to sleep. I watched the river grow more white and strange, All day till evening I watched it change. All day ...

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A poem by Herman Melville: Epilogue

  Epilogue _If Luther’s day expand to Darwin’s year,_ _Shall that exclude the hope–foreclose the fear?_ Unmoved by all the claims our times avow, The ancient Sphinx still keeps the porch of shade; And comes Despair, whom not her calm ...

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