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A Poem by Vili Ro: ВОКЗАЛЫ / Translated In Russian

ВОКЗАЛЫ / Translated In Russian   Авторизированный перевод с болгарского Ольги Мальцевой-Арзиани Встречи, дороги и расставания. Миг между “здравствуйте” и “до свидания”. Взгляды усталые и непокорные, Чье-то сочувствие непритворное. Музыка, свет, переулки умытые, Души, для боли и горя открытые. Сумки, кошелки, ...

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A Poem by Anne Bronte: Stanzas

  Stanzas Oh, weep not, love! each tear that springs In those dear eyes of thine, To me a keener suffering brings, Than if they flowed from mine. And do not droop! however drear The fate awaiting thee; For my ...

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A poem by William Wordsworth: England iii

  England iii GREAT men have been among us; hands that penn’d And tongues that utter’d wisdom–better none: The later Sidney, Marvel, Harrington, Young Vane, and others who call’d Milton friend. These moralists could act and comprehend: They knew how ...

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A poem by Emma Lazarus: Epochs

  Epochs ‘The epochs of our life are not in the facts, but in the silent thought by the wayside as we walk.’-Emerson I. Youth. Sweet empty sky of June without a stain, Faint, gray-blue dewy mists on far-off hills, ...

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