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سروده ای از مولانا جلال الدین محمد بلخی (مولوی) : رسيدن خواجه و قومش به ده و ناديده و ناشناخته آوردن روستايى ايشان را

‫   ‬رسيدن خواجه و قومش به ده و ناديده و ناشناخته آوردن روستايى ايشان را . ‫ ‫‬ ‫‬ بعد ماهی چون رسیدند آن طرف بی‌نوا ایشان ستوران بی علف روستایی بین که از بدنیتی می‌کند بعد اللتیا والتی ...

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A Poem by Vili Ro: ОСЕНЬ

ОСЕНЬ / Translated In Russian   Авторизированный перевод с болгарского Ольги Мальцевой-Арзиани Ты устала, ты уже уходишь, свой оранжевый наряд теряешь, на ковер пушистый, ярко- желтый, улыбаясь, ты листву роняешь. Ароматно-хрупкая, живая свежесть легкая прохлады нежной в лучах солнца тихо замирает, ...

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A poem by Walt Whitman: 1861

  1861 ARM’D year! year of the struggle! No dainty rhymes or sentimental love verses for you, terrible year! Not you as some pale poetling, seated at a desk, lisping cadenzas piano; But as a strong man, erect, clothed in ...

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A poem by Emma Lazarus: Dreams

  Dreams A DREAM of lilies: all the blooming earth, A garden full of fairies and of flowers; Its only music the glad cry of mirth, While the warm sun weaves golden-tissued hours; Hope a bright angel, beautiful and true ...

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A Poem by Anne Bronte: Song

Song We know where deepest lies the snow, And where the frost­winds keenest blow, O’er every mountain’s brow, We long have known and learnt to bear The wandering outlaw’s toil and care, But where we late were hunted, there Our ...

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