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  Bockshornklee Bocksornklee ist in unseren Gefilden kaum bekannt, obwohl diese kleinen Samen in zahlreichen Curry-Mischungen zu finden sind. Doch auch als Heilmittel sind sie hervorragend einsetzbar und schon Hildegard von Bingen, Pfarrer Kneipp wie auch die Benediktinermönche schätzen die ...

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The Art of Saying No

Click for a full size image   The Art of Saying No Yes, You Can Say No Today, people are connected both socially and digitally. Rings, pings and alerts beckon to be answered. These daily disruptions can leave you feeling ...

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A Guide to Safe Toys

Click for a full size image   A Guide to Safe Toys [Infographic] 10 Rules for Smart and Safe Play The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported an estimated 251,800 toy-related emergency department visits in 2014. Meaning, while toy recalls continue ...

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