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شروود اندرسن – Sherwood Anderson

A Poem by Sherwood Anderson : Evening Song

Evening Song My song will rest while I rest. I struggle along. I’ll get back to the corn and the open fields. Don’t fret, love, I’ll come out all right. Back of Chicago the open fields. Were you ever there—trains …

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Short stories : War by Sherwood Anderson

  War by Sherwood Anderson The story came to me from a woman met on a train. The car was crowded and I took the seat beside her. There was a man in the offing who belonged with her–a slender …

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داستان کوتاه : معلم اثر شروود اندرسون

  معلم برف زیادی در خیابان‌های واینزبرگ بر زمین نشسته بود. حدود ده صبح بود که برف شروع به باریدن کرد و با وزش باد، توده ای از برف در امتداد مِین استریت به حرکت درآمد. جاده‌های گلی و یخ …

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Short stories : The Egg by Sherwood Anderson

  The Egg by Sherwood Anderson My father was, I am sure, intended by nature to be a cheerful, kindly man. Until he was thirty-four years old he worked as a farm-hand for a man named Thomas Butterworth whose place …

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Short stories : Senility by Sherwood Anderson

  Senility by Sherwood Anderson He was an old man and he sat on the steps of the railroad station in a small Kentucky town. A well dressed man, some traveler from the city, approached and stood before him. The …

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Short stories : Seeds by Sherwood Anderson

  Seeds by Sherwood Anderson He was a small man with a beard and was very nervous. I remember how the cords of his neck were drawn taut. For years he had been trying to cure people of illness by …

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