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What Babies See

What Babies See HMS study suggests blueprint for adult visual system is present at birth By Christen Brownlee For decades, researchers have known that the primate brain is organized into “maps” for each of the different senses: one of the ...

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Eyes Wide Open for MASCARA in Chile

MASCARA planet hunting system at ESO’s La Silla Observatory The MASCARA (Multi-site All-Sky CAmeRA) station at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile achieved first light in July 2017. This new facility will seek out transiting exoplanets as they pass in ...

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Bringing neural networks to cellphones

MIT researchers have designed new methods for paring down neural networks so that they’ll run more efficiently on handheld devices. Image: Jose-Luis Olivares/MIT   Bringing neural networks to cellphones Method for modeling neural networks’ power consumption could help make the ...

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Harnessing the right amount of sunshine

Researchers have discovered how moss and green algae can protect themselves from too much sun.   Harnessing the right amount of sunshine Study reveals the mechanisms of a protein that helps moss and green algae defend against too much light. ...

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Resistance Fighters

Pulmonary medicine physician Maha Farhat and mathematician and evolutionary biologist Michael Baym join forces in the Department of Biomedical Informatics to stem the rising tide of drug resistance. Image: HMS. Rick Groleau   Resistance Fighters At the improbable intersection of ...

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