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Quantum physics provides new knowledge about the brain

  Quantum physics provides new knowledge about the brain By Anne Kirsten Frederiksen A new major research project between quantum physicists and neurophysiologists will increase our understanding of the brain. In the past couple of years, quantum physicists have developed …

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Building Blocks to Create Metamaterials

An illustration of a metamaterial designed by Daraio’s team. Though each individual square is identical, their layout and the metamaterial’s overall design cause waves to propagate in a specific pattern through the material, as indicated by the squares’ different colors. …

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Safe and Happy at Home

  Safe and Happy at Home Living with a loved one with dementia in his home or yours? Here’s what Johns Hopkins experts say you need to know to help him do well while enjoying a familiar environment. Of the …

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Unexpected natural source of methane discovered

A new methane-generating pathway was discovered in Rhodopseudomonas palustris, but also occurs in some other nitrogen-fixing microorganisms. MicrobeWiki   Unexpected natural source of methane discovered Some nitrogen-fixing microorganisms contain an enzyme for the simultaneous production of ammonia and methane. Leila …

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Turning heat into electricity

MIT researchers, looking for ways to turn heat into electricity, find efficient possibilities in certain topological materials. Image: Christine Daniloff/MIT   Electricity from heat Turning heat into electricity Study finds topological materials could boost the efficiency of thermoelectric devices. Jennifer …

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Twilight Haze

  Twilight Haze In this view, individual layers of haze can be distinguished in the upper atmosphere of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. Titan’s atmosphere features a rich and complex chemistry originating from methane and nitrogen and evolving into complex molecules, …

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Melanoma is in the eye of the beholder

  Melanoma is in the eye of the beholder University of Queensland researchers have found that freckles and moles appearing on the iris indicate a high risk of melanoma, particularly in people under 40 years of age. Dermatology Research Centre’s …

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The right plant-based diet for you

  The right plant-based diet for you Plant-based diets can help reduce your risk of heart disease, but they’re not all created equal. It’s clear that following a plant-based diet is associated with a lower risk of heart disease. But …

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ATP synthase: More ‘juice’ from black grapes

In the dark, trans-azopolyphenol blocks ATP synthase activity (left). Under UV light, azopolyphenol switches to the cis form, with the result that ATP synthase is no longer inhibited and is reactivated – shown here by the apparent motion of the …

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