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How to Treat Yourself to Chocolate

Click for a full size image   How to Treat Yourself to Chocolate 5 Rules for Heart Healthy Indulgence It’s fun to fantasize about the potential health benefits of chocolate. The thought that a bar of chocolate or a decadent ...

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Brain-controlled typing

  Brain-controlled typing Brain-computer interface advance allows fast, accurate typing by people with paralysis In a Stanford-led research report, three participants with movement impairment controlled an onscreen cursor simply by imagining their own hand movements. Each participant, after minimal training, ...

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Putting data in the hands of doctors

MIT Professor Regina Barzilay has struck up new research collaborations, drawn in MIT students, launched projects with local doctors, and begun empowering cancer treatment with the machine-learning insight that has already transformed many areas of modern life. Photo: Lillie Paquette/School ...

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¿Hay riesgo para los bebés?

El centro sanitario privado de la capital burgalesa le controló el embarazo a la mujer de 64 años y programó una cesárea para la semana 37 de gestación. – Foto: Hospital Recoletas Click for a full size image   ¿Hay ...

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Red flag on opioid scripts

Image: Backyard Production, Getty Images Click for a full size image   Red flag on opioid scripts Habit Forming Physicians’ opioid prescribing patterns linked to patients’ risk for long-term drug use By Jake Miller Emergency room patients treated by physicians ...

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