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A new approach to modeling tumors

Researchers at EPFL and the University of Lyon have developed a device for creating cell aggregates in a fully controlled manner. Their aim is to model tumors more accurately in order to test potential new treatments. A new approach to ...

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Mouth microbes and colorectal cancer

AdobeStock Mouth microbes and colorectal cancer Chronic inflammation and periodontal disease caused by certain microbial species in the mouth — part of the oral microbiome — have been suggested to play a role in colorectal cancer development. by Leigh MacMillan ...

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Smartphone app to diagnose respiratory diseases

Smartphone app to diagnose respiratory diseases Technology developed by University of Queensland researchers that analyses a person’s cough could help diagnose respiratory disorders quickly and easily in patients who lack access to doctors. UQ biomedical engineer Associate Professor Udantha Abeyratne ...

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How flow shapes bacterial biofilms

EPFL biophysicists have taken a systematic look into how bacterial biofilms are affected by fluid flow. The findings can give us clues about the physical rules guiding biofilm architecture, but also about the social dynamics that shape evolution. How flow ...

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