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Foodborne illness is often avoidable

Although it can be difficult to avoid ever getting a foodborne illness, there are some things you can do to minimize your risk. Image: Thinkstock/Highwaystarz-Photography   Foodborne illness is often avoidable HERSHEY, Pa. — Each year, Americans develop more than ...

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Gene Silencer

Image: Chad Baker/Getty Images   Gene Silencer Scientists identify new epigenetic mechanism that switches off placental genes in mice By Greta Friar A biological process known as genomic imprinting helps control early mammalian development by turning genes on and off ...

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What Babies See

What Babies See HMS study suggests blueprint for adult visual system is present at birth By Christen Brownlee For decades, researchers have known that the primate brain is organized into “maps” for each of the different senses: one of the ...

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