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Hearing in 3D

Daubenton’s bats hunt closely above water surfaces where they mostly snatch up creepy-crawlies, but they don’t spurn the occasional small fish either. © dietmar-nill.de Hearing in 3D In order to recognize spatial structures, bat echolocation uses similar cues as our ...

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Common anti-inflammatory could protect baby brains

Common anti-inflammatory could protect baby brains Administering ibuprofen immediately after birth may reduce brain damage in tiny growth-restricted babies, University of Queensland researchers have found. The UQ Centre for Clinical Research’s Dr Julie Wixey said the drug could help reduce ...

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Taming the genome’s “jumping” sequences

EPFL scientists have discovered how a family of proteins that regulates the activity of transposable elements in the genome allows them to make inheritable changes to the growing fetus. Taming the genome’s “jumping” sequences The human genome is fascinating. Once ...

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The fluid that feeds tumor cells

Pancreatic cancer cells (nuclei in blue) growing as a sphere encased in membranes (red). By growing cancer cells in the lab, researchers can study factors that promote and prevent the formation of deadly tumors. Image: Min Yu (Eli and Edythe ...

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Next-generation Gene Drive Arrives

Left panel: Gene-drive is mediated by a guide RNA (gRNA) that cuts at the exact site (scissors) where the gene-drive element (blue box: Cas9 gene; yellow box: gRNA) is inserted into the genome, resulting in full gene-drive element copying. Right ...

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How your gut might modify your mind

Credit: Will Ludwig/C&EN How your gut might modify your mind The microbes that live in your body might be influencing your behavior. Researchers want to know what they’re saying to your brain and how by Laura Howes Anytime you touch ...

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