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Giant swirls on the Sun

Vortex on the sun: The Rossby waves propagate in the direction opposite to rotation of the Sun. Near the equator, their amplitude (the maximum deflection of the vibration, so to speak) is the greatest. © MPS / NASA / HormesDesign ...

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Stellar Family Portrait in X-rays

  Stellar Family Portrait in X-rays In some ways, star clusters are like giant families with thousands of stellar siblings. These stars come from the same origins – a common cloud of gas and dust – and are bound to ...

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Ancient Galaxy Megamergers

  Ancient Galaxy Megamergers ALMA and APEX discover massive conglomerations of forming galaxies in early Universe The ALMA and APEX telescopes have peered deep into space — back to the time when the Universe was one tenth of its current ...

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Meteorite diamonds tell of a lost planet

2018 EPFL / Hillary Sanctuary   Meteorite diamonds tell of a lost planet Using transmission electron microscopy, EPFL scientists have examined a slice from a meteorite that contains large diamonds formed at high pressure. The study shows that the parent ...

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Dead Star Circled by Light

  Dead Star Circled by Light MUSE data points to isolated neutron star beyond our galaxy New images from ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile and other telescopes reveal a rich landscape of stars and glowing clouds of gas in ...

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Relics of the Big Bang

Glimpse into the unknown: this sky view shows the Harrison magnetic field strength averaged within a sphere with 300 million light years radius around the Earth. The two regions with particularly stronger fields are the Perseus Pisces galaxy cluster (right) ...

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