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Faster analysis of medical images

MIT researchers describe a machine-learning algorithm that can register brain scans and other 3-D images more than 1,000 times more quickly using novel learning techniques. Courtesy of the researchers   Faster analysis of medical images Algorithm makes the process of ...

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Genetic disorder identified in children

  Genetic disorder identified in children A genetic defect affecting normal development in children has been identified by a study involving University of Queensland researcher and alumnus Professor David Coman. The study revealed that mutations in the gene FDFT1 prevented ...

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Loving the sweet enemy

Food which contains both lots of fat and carbohydrates activates the reward system of the brain. This can make people… [more] © shutterstock   Loving the sweet enemy Foods rich in fats and carbohydrates stimulate the reward system in the ...

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Mental Health Goes Mobile

  Mental Health Goes Mobile How a “Mobile Therapist” Recommends the Right App More than 20 percent of Americans have significant symptoms of depression and anxiety, but only 20 percent are actively finding treatment and support. In an effort to ...

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Surgery in a Pill?

Image: iStock   Surgery in a Pill? In a new study, an oral treatment temporarily coats intestine, reduces blood sugar spikes In a recently published paper in Nature Materials, a team of Harvard Medical School researchers at Brigham and Women’s ...

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MIT engineers build smart power outlet

A team of MIT engineers has developed a “smart power outlet” in the form of a device that can analyze electrical current usage from a single or multiple outlets. Image: Christine Daniloff, MIT   MIT engineers build smart power outlet ...

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A new way to mend a broken heart

Therepi’s reservoir, which would attach directly to the damaged heart tissue, is placed on a dime for size reference and connected to a self-sealing subcutaneous port. Image: Whyte, et al./Nature Biomedical Engineering   A new way to mend a broken ...

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A Faster Way to Fail

A configurable reservoir-based fast electromigration aging design for interconnects. Credit: Sheldon Tan   A Faster Way to Fail Electromigration at normal operating temperatures causes integrated circuits to fail in hours instead of years, allowing researchers to assess how durable they ...

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