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How privacy policies affect genetic testing

Catherine Tucker, professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management ,and Amalia R. Miller, an economist at the University of Virginia, were motivated to conduct the research because personal genetics is “an area where privacy really, really matters, when you ...

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Microbes on the Move

WEERASAK/FOTOLIA   Microbes on the Move by Fui Lee Luk An international research group has shown that today’s human activities are radically reshaping the way microbes circulate, with potential repercussions for the world’s ecosystems and inhabitants. Over the last century, ...

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Crowding in the skin

Skin cells growing in a petri dish (green: cytoskeleton, red: cell-cell junction protein). MPI f. Biology of Ageing   Crowding in the skin Stem cells sense neighbourhood density to make decisions on their behaviour Human skin is a remarkable organ ...

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Reading a neural network’s mind

Neural nets are so named because they roughly approximate the structure of the human brain. Typically, they’re arranged into layers, and each layer consists of many simple processing units — nodes — each of which is connected to several nodes ...

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