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Loss of identity in immune cells explained

First author of the study Dr. Garima Garg (right) and Dr. Andreas Muschaweckh, two scientists of the Experimental Neurimmunology at TUM, are working with a flow cytometer (FACS, Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting). (Image: A. Eckert / TUM) Loss of identity in ...

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Testing pain relief treatments for whiplash

Researchers are keen to hear from people with neck pain from a whiplash injury following a car crash within the last three months Testing pain relief treatments for whiplash Researchers are investigating the effectiveness of non-opioid pain relief for people ...

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Molecular Lego blocks

First author Christian Kunkel, PD Dr. Harald Oberhofer and Prof. Karsten Reuter (fltr). (Image: A. Battenberg / TUM) Molecular Lego blocks Chemical data mining boosts search for new organic semiconductors Organic semiconductors are lightweight, flexible and easy to manufacture. But ...

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Neutrino Hunters

Kamioka Observatory, ICRR (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research), University of Tokyo Neutrino Hunters Giant experiments all over the world are trying to break the secret of neutrinos, the elusive and unusual elementary particles discovered in 1956. Their success could change ...

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Brain pathways of aversion identified

Using optogenetics, the researchers were able to identify the identity of the nerve cells involved in aversion and map their interconnections. Photo: iStock Brain pathways of aversion identified What happens in the brain when we feel discomfort? Researchers at Karolinska ...

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Predicting sequence from structure

The binding interface between a peptide and its Bcl-2 protein target is composed of common structural motifs known as TERMs. Image: Sebastian Swanson and Avi Singer Predicting sequence from structure Researchers have devised a faster, more efficient way to design ...

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Tampering with the Brakes

Tampering with the Brakes UCSB neuroscientist Karen Szumlinski uncovers an unlikely ‘brake’ mechanism that helps to modulate overdrinking By Sonia Fernandez We’ve all seen these people. Maybe at one point in time we’ve actually been these people: messy, falling-down drunk, ...

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