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Sandor Petofi

A Poem by Sandor Petofi: At Home

  At Home. HAZÁMBAN. Beautiful home, upon thy wide-spread plain Expands a waving field of golden grain, Whereon the mirage plays, O country dear, Knowest thou still, thy son, now pining here? ‘Tis long ago since welcome rest I found ...

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A Poem by Sandor Petofi: War-Song

  WAR-SONG. CSATADAL. The trumpets blare, drums beat a call; Our boys go forth to fight or fall: Forward! The bullets whistle, sabres clash, This fills the Magyar with firm dash: Forward! May freedom’s flag wave on the height, That ...

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A Poem by Sandor Petofi: MY SONGS

  MY SONGS. DALAIM. Oft am I sunk in deepest thought, Although my musings bring me naught; My thoughts then o’er my country fly, Fly o’er the earth, rise to the sky. The songs which from my lips then roll ...

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