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Olga Berggolts

Poem by Olga Berggolts : The Trial

The Trial (1938) And you’ll have strengths enough To see and know again How all that was your love Will start to bring a pain. Your friend – without blame – Will come a werewolf once; You’ll be by him …

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Poem by Olga Berggolts : Promise

Promise (1952) My foes will be not by my perish consoled – They won’t have a reason to pour the false tears. The hook, I’m to hang on, still isn’t in a board, It’s not even forged, its ore lies …

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Poem by Olga Berggolts : Don’t Even Try

“Don’t Even Try…” (1947) Don’t even try your looking back At this gloom dark, at this gloom ice; There someone waits on your feet’s track, You can’t stop answering his eyes. Today I looked back and… at once I see: …

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Olga Berggolts Biography

Olga Berggolts Biography Olga Fedorovna Bergholz (Berggolts) was born on May 16, 1910, in St Petersburg, Russia. Her father, Fedor Bergholz, was a Medical Doctor. Her mother, Maria Timofeevna, was a homemaker. Olga Bergholz had a junior sister named Maria. …

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Poem by Olga Berggolts : The Answer

The Answer (1962) But I tell you that there are not The years, that I for empty hold, The ways, without a goal set, The messages that nothing had. There’re not the worlds, I ever lost, The gifts, I gave …

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