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Julia Kasdorf

A Poem by Julia Kasdorf: First Gestures

First Gestures Among the first we learn is good-bye, your tiny wrist between Dad’s forefinger and thumb forced to wave bye-bye to Mom, whose hand sails brightly behind a windshield. Then it’s done to make us follow: in a crowded …

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A Poem by Julia Kasdorf: Mennonites

Mennonites We keep our quilts in closets and do not dance. We hoe thistles along fence rows for fear we may not be perfect as our Heavenly Father. We clean up his disasters. No one has to call; we just …

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A Poem by Julia Kasdorf : A Family History

A Family History At dusk the girl who will become my mom must trudge through the snow, her legs cold under skirts, a bandanna tight on her braids. In the henhouse, a klook pecks her chapped hand as she pulls …

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