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Hristo Smirnenski – Христо Смирненски

A Poem by Hristo Smirnenski : Street-Walker

Street-Walker You have born in the lap of privation, Your childhood was useless strife, Today you dance, your eyes full of tears, To the tuneless violin of life. Your implacable stepmother, Night, Is an evil creature of evil fame; She …

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A Poem by Hristo Smirnenski : The Red Squadrons

The Red Squadrons Heralds of a happier day rousing wonder and dismay – Powerful squadrons rush in close array. In the morning sad and gray, like flocks of birds of prey Shrapnels fall in their midst or fall astray. A …

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Biography of Hristo Smirnenski

Biography of Hristo Smirnenski Hristo Smirnenski born as Hristo Izmirliev, (September 29, 1898 – June 18, 1923) was a Bulgarian poet and prose writer. His hometown was Kukush in Macedonia, Ottoman Empire, (today Kilkis, Greece), which had militant traditions and …

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A Poem by Hristo Smirnenski : JOHANNES

JOHANNES By Hristo Smirnenski The night has spread its raven hair, O’er the house and round the trees, And nothing stirs the winter air, The street is empty, and so’s the square, And nothing shows the town’s unease. A creak …

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