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Hristo Botev – Христо Ботев

A Poem by Hristo Botev : Eloped

Eloped In the glade a pipe is played, By the forest green and still, Where Stoyana, fair, sweet maid, Runs for water to the rill. In the garden screams her aunt, Woman shrewish, malice-fed. ‘Where are you so early bound? ...

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A Poem by Hristo Botev : Stranger

Stranger Hurry, stranger, quickly come to your father’s home at last, do a dance before his home, join the dance the pass across. ‘Welcome’ you will hear them say – children, grandmas and that throng; and the girls – they ...

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A Poem by Hristo Botev : Sharing

Sharing Our feelings have made of us brothers and our hidden thoughts have a same set, I do not believe there’s one thing on this earth we shall come to regret. Whether we’ve done good or bad we’ll let our ...

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A Poem by Hristo Botev : Haidouks

Haidouks Father and Son Come, Grandfather, blow on your pipe now, And I will take up the tune With songs of our heroes, of haidouks, Songs of voivodes, of chieftains, Of Chavdar the terrible haidouk, Of Chavdar the captain of ...

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A Poem by Hristo Botev : A Patriot

A Patriot A patriot be – for knowledge, freedom, The soul’s too small a price to pay! Mind you, not his soul, my brothers, The nation’s soul he’ll give away! And he’s kind to everybody, But you see – for ...

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A Poem by Hristo Botev : Моята молитва

Моята молитва by : Hristo Botev От Христо Ботев “Благословен бог наш…” О, мой боже, правий боже! Не ти, що си в небесата, а ти, що си в мене, боже – мен в сърцето и в душата… Не ти, комуто се ...

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