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A poem by Herman Melville: Epilogue

  Epilogue _If Luther’s day expand to Darwin’s year,_ _Shall that exclude the hope–foreclose the fear?_ Unmoved by all the claims our times avow, The ancient Sphinx still keeps the porch of shade; And comes Despair, whom not her calm ...

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A poem by Herman Melville: Chattanooga

  Chattanooga November, 1863 A kindling impulse seized the host Inspired by heaven’s elastic air; Their hearts outran their General’s plan, Though Grant commanded there– Grant, who without reserve can dare; And, ‘Well, go on and do your will,’ He ...

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A poem by Herman Melville: Art

  Art In placid hours well-pleased we dream Of many a brave unbodied scheme. But form to lend, pulsed life create, What unlike things must meet and mate: A flame to melt–a wind to freeze; Sad patience–joyous energies; Humility–yet pride ...

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A poem by Herman Melville: America

  America I Where the wings of a sunny Dome expand I saw a Banner in gladsome air- Starry, like Berenice’s Hair- Afloat in broadened bravery there; With undulating long-drawn flow, As rolled Brazilian billows go Voluminously o’er the Line. ...

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A poem by Herman Melville: A Requiem

  A Requiem _For Soldiers lost in Ocean Transports_ When, after storms that woodlands rue, To valleys comes atoning dawn, The robins blithe their orchard-sports renew; And meadow-larks, no more withdrawn Caroling fly in the languid blue; The while, from ...

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