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A Poem by Edith Wharton: Phaedra

  Phaedra NOT that on me the Cyprian fury fell, Last martyr of my love-ensanguined race; Not that my children drop the averted face When my name shames the silence; not that hell Holds me where nevermore his glance shall ...

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A Poem by Edith Wharton : Non Dolet

Non Dolet! Age after age the fruit of knowledge falls To ashes on men’s lips; Love fails, faith sickens, like a dying tree Life sheds its dreams that no new spring recalls; The longed-for ships Come empty home or founder ...

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A Poem by Edith Wharton : Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Yon strange blue city crowns a scarped steep No mortal foot hath bloodlessly essayed: Dreams and illusions beacon from its keep. But at the gate an Angel bares his blade; And tales are told of those who thought ...

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A Poem by Edith Wharton : Life

Life NAY, lift me to thy lips, Life, and once more Pour the wild music through me — I quivered in the reed-bed with my kind, Rooted in Lethe-bank, when at the dawn There came a groping shape of mystery ...

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