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Du Mu – 杜牧

A Poem by Du Mu , 杜牧: Pure Brightness Festival

Pure Brightness Festival Du Mu Pure Brightness time rain disordered and confused Road on traveller almost broken spirit Politely ask inn what place be Shepherd boy far point apricot blossom village * At the time of the Pure Brightness festival, …

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A Poem by Du Mu , 杜牧: On Parting

On Parting Du Mu Much feeling but seem all without feeling Think feel glass before smile not develop Candle have heart too reluctant to part Instead person shed tear at dawn * Much feeling- but it’s just as if there’s …

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A Poem by Du Mu , 杜牧: Mountain Travel

Mountain Travel Du Mu Far on cold mountain stone path slant White cloud live place be households Stop carriage because love maple forest evening Frost leaf red than second month flower * Far away on the cold mountain, a stone …

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A Poem by Du Mu , 杜牧: Entering Shangshan

Entering Shangshan Du Mu Early enter Shangshan hundred li cloud Blue stream bridge under water sound divide Flow water old sound person old ear This time call not able listen * I enter Shangshan early, under a hundred miles of …

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A Poem by Du Mu , 杜牧: Drinking Alone

Drinking Alone Du Mu   Window outside straight wind snow Embrace stove open wine flask How like fishing boat rain Sail down sleep autumn river * Outside the window, wind and snow blow straight, I clutch the stove and open …

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A Poem by Du Mu , 杜牧: Drunken Sleep

Drunken Sleep Du Mu Autumn wine rain in well made Cold house fall leaf in Hermit really much asleep More pour one cup empty * The beer’s brewed well amid the autumn rain, The cold house sits amid the falling …

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